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A young company, known for its seriousness, competence, transparency and professionalism. It started its activities in 2012, in the city of Suzano / SP, and since then it is in continuous growth.

GoldLog Brazil is dedicated to international transportation management and aims to provide customers with integrated and customized logistics solutions. It operates in the maritime (LCL, FCL and Cabotagem), air, road and special projects coordination segments.


One of the biggest and most professional network groups of cargo agents working in global logistics actually that is composed by a choice team of agents present in all continents, what makes possible to achieve a greater level of exellence in our import and export attendances.

We are FIATA.

The biggest non-governmental organization stablished since 1926, with partners arroud 150 countries, representing an industry of 40.000 companies and being a global influent. Recognized as representative of this field(freight-forwarding) for many other government and private organizations as: International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the International Union of Railways (UIC), the World Customs Organization (WCO) and others.

We are IATA.

We act as International Air Transport Association (IATA) agents and as in our maritime field, we have a solid patern with agents abroad and airlines, becoming us enable to work with necessities and specifities in each operation: direct or consolidate cargos, refrigerate cargos through Envirotainer, perishable, or with special treatment (TC-1 ‘Recof’, TC-2, TC-4, TC-5, TC-6 e TC-7), dangerous cargo (DRG), oversize cargos, express/formal delivery with the main Courier(door to door) airlines, in addiction we support by all Incorterms 2010, Full, Part Charter and others.

Our Specialties

  • Cargo Monitoring (From origin point to destination);
  • Demurrage Tracking;
  • Customized Service;
  • We have know-how and we are prepared to provide services to all various types of goods;
  • Agility in cargo release and documentation procedures;
  • Accomplishment with all regulation agecies;
  • Flexibility of working hours to attend many time zones.
Business General Conditions – GoldLog Brazil Logística Internacional


  • Guarantee the best cost benefit in our services.
  • To offer strong and transparent follow up of all our cargos.
  • Achieve and overcome customer’s expectations building trust and satisfaction in all relationships.


We want be one of the better freight forwarding companies of Brazil, becoming reference of best customer service and competitiveness.


  • Partnership
  • Responsibility
  • Trust
  • Commitment in all relationships.
Rua Expedicionário João de Carvalho, 26 – Jardim Santa Helena – Suzano/SP – ZIPCODE.
8674-040.  Brazil Phone: +55 11 4741-5800 | 4292-2211| 4292-2212