As IATA Agent and a solid partnership with Internacional Agents, Air Companies, presence in main airports in Brazil and world, we offer services to attend the specific needs of your Operation, such as direct cargo, consolidated cargo, cargo that needs refrigeration by Envirotainer, perishable, special handling (especiais (TC-1 ‘Recof’, TC-2, TC-4, TC-5, TC-6 and TC-7), dangerous goods “DGR”, oversided cargos, express / formal shipping with main Courier companies (door to door), we attend the needs of all Incoterms 2010,Full and Part Charter, and more.

Specialized Customer service in cargo Tracking, with daily status so cliente is able to monitore the cargo departure, the current localization, connection times and arrival.

Its an agile and safe way to transport cargo, allowing a fast response to your demands in importation or exportation shipments.